When an idea sublimates in a prototype that passes every test, the next step is to produce on a large scale and introduce the product to the market. IP FAB is also your partner in upscaling formulations and compounds. Thanks to our foil-extrusion partners, foil manufacturing can also be subcontracted.

additive master batch, small scale master batch production

Additive masterbatch production and compounding

IP FAB continues to invest in its own twin screw extrusion equipment, specialising in the processing of difficult-to-manufacture, flexible materials, such as EVA, POE, TPO, TPU, EBA… . Indeed, these polymer types are often used in photovoltaic applications, however, we also cover projects that go beyond PV. We have chosen to focus on high-tech applications working as a contractor for customers, but we do also market our own products.

IP FAB offers its own masterbatch product portfolio for use in encapsulants (eg. EVA and POE foils), back and front sheets, include UV stabilisation packages, thermal stabilisers, optical brighteners, colour masterbatches, scattering additives and acid scavengers.

New production equipment is currently being installed, making it possible to use liquid injection to produce, for example, peroxide cross-linking masterbatches and silane adhesion promotors. This capability will be available shortly.

Because of the unique R&D-lab background of IP FAB we can also advice our customers on the processing of these additives and compounds where we can bring foil extrusion expertise and troubleshooting to the table.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas or needs!

Foil extrusion subcontracting

In collaboration with partners, IP FAB organises the subcontracting of full-scale encapsulant foils. A full-scale line is available for mass manufacturing. The following line characteristics can be offered:

•        Width: 1400 mm max
•        Foil thickness: 100 – 900 micron
•        Automatic dosing units
•        Peroxide formulation possible
•        Multilayer ABC configuration
•        Embossed foil
•        Maximum output 3000 tons/year

Initial trials can be organised to test the configuration, but the line targets mass production and is set up for continuous operations.

IP FAB can take care of the manufacturing organisation, shipment, masterbatches (if needed), procurement and quality control upon the customer’s request.

As the market of PV polymer foils is growing rapidly, we are always looking for extra partners. If you own a foil extrusion line or are looking at investing in one and want to enter this exciting field of polymers for photovoltaic applications, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can discuss collaboration with extra partners, but we can also organise projects for the installation and ramping up of new extrusion lines.

EVA encapsulant, POE encapsulant, foil extrusion

Because of its unique expertise and specialisation, IP FAB can cover the entire value chain, from polymer foil development and processing consultancy right down to ingredient masterbatch production and foil extrusion.