Our approach


Since trust is always the foundation in our collaboration, projects often develop into long-term relationships. Using our extensive expertise and years of experience, we put our heads together with you to find the best solution. But what sets our partnership apart is that it is based on a trusted relationship.

Research and development with a personal approach

IP FAB offers you an innovative and total solution developed by experts. Whatever your challenge: with our technical expertise, founded on a thorough knowledge of the behaviour of polymers and many years of experience in every step in the chain, we keep on thinking until we have the solution that works for you. We help you in the short term and develop a response that you can build on in the long term. You are appointed a permanent and trusted point of contact among experts who you can always rely on.


IP FAB advises customers throughout the chain, both locally and abroad. IP FAB is a unique partner for those working in the solar-panel industry. There is no escaping the fact that some customers are competitors or that their fields of activity overlap. However, this does not prevent good collaboration. We guarantee complete confidentiality in your projects; we operate with NDAs which provide judicial protection, besides the fact that we have already earned a reputation as honourable people who believe strongly in honesty.

No long waiting list

We know that when an issue arises, time is usually not on your side and you naturally want to solve it quickly. As a private organisation we understand the time pressure and aim to help customers as efficiently and adequately as possible.

Transparent communication within the team and with the customer allows everyone to offer optimum support, because honesty is the best policy.