About IP FAB


IP FAB background

IP FAB is a privately owned company located in Mechelen (Belgium) close to Brussels airport. We operate our own lab and production infrastructure, but also regularly work on the customer’s premises.

We believe strongly in interaction with our customers. Reports are not simply dropped on the table, instead we take the time to explain, advise and brainstorm in a (phone) call or face-to-face meeting. We will happily consider any request and (potential) customers are always welcome to visit us in Mechelen.

The founders

Kristof Proost PhD

Kristof obtained his PhD in chemistry, with a thesis on the development of synchrotron-based micro-XANES spectroscopy used for micro and trace analysis of materials (2004, University of Antwerp, Belgium).

From 2004 to 2009, Kristof worked as an R&D chemist in the Glass Lamination Solutions business unit at DuPont (in Mechelen, Belgium, and Wilmington, US) where he first came in contact with photovoltaic encapsulants based on EVA, PVB and ionomers.

In 2009, Kristof joined a start-up specialising in the development and production of EVA and POE encapsulants. As the CTO he was responsible for R&D, intellectual property, (contract) manufacturing and customer support of EVA encapsulants in Europe and China. Several new encapsulant patents were accomplished.

Since 2017 Kristof focusses on consultancy in photovoltaic polymers, development of IP FAB’s lab and foil manufacturing, in addition to trouble shooting of PV module lamination processes.

Kristof has experience with the most commonly used photovoltaic polymers; both in manufacturing and in processing, where the relationship between the polymer properties and the behaviour during extrusion and lamination processing are the key expertise.

Elise De Rudder

As co-founder, Elise has been part of IP FAB from the very beginning. Elise holds a Bachelor degree in paramedical sciences. In addition to her background in various commercial and operational functions in multinational companies she has also worked in a start-up environment. Next to day-to-day activities, such as lab testing, material sourcing and project management, Elise focuses on all aspects of operational management in the company.

Kristof Proost, Elise De Rudder, Unizo Mechelen

IP FAB combines knowledge with lab and pilot production infrastructure, which is a strong combination that can help to solve your PV polymer questions.