Experts in photovoltaic polymer foils

IP FAB is an independent private company focusing on the development of mainly photovoltaic polymer solutions for its customers. These foils include encapsulants, front and back sheets, but consideration is also being given to out-of the-box polymer solutions used in photovoltaic modules. An emerging topic in the company is the study of polymers used for the fixation of modules in, for example, BIPV applications.

We cover the entire value chain: including the idea, actual (lab) development and testing, additive master-batch production and foil subcontracting.

Thanks to our deep knowledge on the subject, we are helping our customers with consultancy services on both polymer foil manufacturing and module processing.

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Polymers in photovoltaics

Since photovoltaic modules need to last for a long time in sometimes harsh conditions, the reliability of components is of major importance. The dependency and processing of the polymer foils that are used in module manufacturing is a highly specialised subject. Not only the design of foils such as encapsulants, back sheets and front sheets is important, but also the way they are processed or even installed needs to be done with care. IP FAB has over 15 years of experience in this highly specialised topic and is committed to collaborate with its customers to achieve the highest level of performance.

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R&D and consultancy

IP FAB has its own lab infrastructure dedicated to the R&D and consultancy of polymers used in photovoltaic module lamination. In the lab we can not only develop prototype foils, we can also do in-depth polymer failure analysis, lamination testing and foil quality testing. For us, reporting goes beyond simply summarising the numbers. Indeed, we also take time to discuss results with customers and give additional advice.

Master batch

Production & upscaling

We cover the entire chain from lab prototype to actual upscaling in order to facilitate the launch of new or modified photovoltaic foils. Functional additive masterbatches or compounds can be produced in quantities of anything from 1 kg to large commercial volumes using our own equipment. In collaboration with our partner, we can extrude multilayer foils of up to 1400 mm wide. IP FAB offers the full service and can therefore handle, for example, sourcing, shipment, quality monitoring and sample handling for its customers.

IP FAB does not do things by halves.
We therefore combine both research and production, so that we are present throughout the chain.

Our approach: Tailor-made solutions

With our expertise and personal approach, in which we focus on transparency, we ensure that every issue gets the right solution. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and are there for you as a (close) proper partner. We continue to grow in the profession and always aim to fully understand customers, so that we can provide a tailor-made solution every time. Thanks to our personal touch and technical background, we are able to achieve the best possible result.

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About IP FAB

IP FAB is an independent specialist in the field of photovoltaic polymers. For many years we have studied the interaction of light and polymers. With customer intimacy and service as high priorities, we always go the extra mile. In our facilities in Belgium (Mechelen) we operate our own lab and pilot production space, but we also work at our customers’ premises. IP FAB is your partner all the way: from the PV polymer idea, prototyping and upscaling, right down to module processing.